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Worship Experiment

Worship Experiment Members: Various musicians. Bio: The Worship Experiment is a collective of well-trained and broadly-experienced musicians of various backgrounds joining to play and worship together. Much of what they do, while based on existing worship music, is improvised, making for a compelling live music experience!

All For One

All For One Members: Tony Mazza (bass), Mark Noland (vocals), Laurie Garcia (keyboard), Jill Carroll (vocals), Jacob Lehman (keyboard), Matt Bustillo (drums), Mike Bailey (electric guitar) and Kevin Ferrebee (the live sound guru with an assistant Jeremy Wheeler). Bio: “All For One” is a Contemporary Worship Christian Music Group formed by members from two different […]

Owl Creek

Owl Creek Members: Mike Petee on guitar, Sarah Goslee Reed on guitar and violin, Alison Cline on cello, and Skip Trask on percussion. Bio: Owl Creek writes songs that tell the stories of our lives.  The group perform on guitar, cello, violin and percussion. Often described as Americana, their songs are entirely different styles and types, […]


Ailanthus’ sound is a hybrid mix of alternative-rock and folk-rock, carefully combining squealing guitar riffs, foot-tapping drum rhythms and smooth acoustic melodies in songs of life, love, happiness, temptation, sin and the redemptive love of Christ.

Nancy Humberston & Ann Dixon

Back in 1990, Nancy and Ann went to visit a terminally ill member of their church (Utica Church of Christ). Ann had taken her keyboard. Ann started singing and Nancy started harmonizing, and the rest is history. They have been singing ever since.


Formed in 2005, SlawDog is a Christian rock band with the mission of rockin’ the area with message of Jesus Christ, while playing some great originals and covers inspired by the classic rock music they grew up with.

Just In Time

Just In Time is the official worship band for Owl Creek Baptist Church. The group dates back to 2005, when the church decided to pursue development of a contemporary worship ministry, and has been a part of Praisestock since the start.

Chestnut Ridge

Real. Gospel. Bluegrass. As simply as we can define it, that’s the music of Chestnut Ridge.


Take a little rock and roll, mix in some rap, some power praise, some blues, some spoken word, some double kick pedal, some tribal drums, and top it all off with passionate worship. The band has very diverse tastes in music and enjoys playing a wide variety of styles! WARship is truly unique and full of unexpected surprises!